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This Slack community was created in 2018 to be a safe space for women and gender-minorities to network, to discuss their experiences in and out of the workplace, and to have impromptu conversations about whatever comes to mind. Since then, we have welcomed 40+ people to the group. As part of our relaunch in 2020, I’m outlining the community purpose and guidelines here, for everyone to see.

By joining this Slack group, you agree to abide by these guidelines and principles and understand that violating them may lead to deactivation of your account.

What we do

Inclusivity as Part of Our Practice

Our community is built on growth, empathy, and respect. We use inclusive language to acknowledge each other, and we seek to learn from each other.

  • Connect curious, driven women and gender non-conforming folks to a community of like-minded individuals
  • Create a safe space for candid and practical conversations around issues impacting this community
  • Create a strong personal and professional network committed to lifting each other up

Slack Channels

We have a handful of channels, both public and private, that are available to join. With the exception of workplace-specific communities, all channels are open to all members of this group. Here’s a list of the channels and a brief description of what it’s used for.

Note: Participation in any of these channels is completely optional. Many of our users would rather DM folks and that’s ok! I generally post updates and resources in these public channels so that everyone has access.

Public Channels

  • #general: Default channel that everyone joins. This channel is for general questions, updates or conversations that we want to share with the group. It will also include updates from the Learn.Grow.Expand accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin.
  • #getting_started: This channel will have all the onboarding docs pinned, along with any additional resources necessary for getting comfortable within the group.
  • #critical-conversation: This channel is dedicated to having frank and meaningful conversations about challenges facing our communities. This can include gender expression, sexuality, race, class, culture, physical ability and more. This channel is closely monitored for language – please be mindful! When in doubt, ask for help!
  • #job_posting: Know of a job that might be interesting to this group? Post the link here! If you know the hiring manager, include that info in a thread.
  • #pets: We have pets. We love them very much. Come see their faces.
  • #tools_and_resources: Found or created a cool resource that can help members of this community? Share it here! Need a resource? Ask here!
  • #wins: Share the things that are going great for you! This channel is for celebrating the everyday and extraordinary things that make up our lives.


  • #networking: Folks looking to connect with others regarding job opportunities, switching careers, leveling up (by invitation)
  • #reality_check: Workplace community (by invitation)
  • #escape_room: Workplace community (by invitation)

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