Sam Barrow, In a Nutshell

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Hello and welcome!

My journey to adult education is a long and complicated tale. It starts with years in the hospitality industry, a transition into third party education services and my pursuit of a Masters in Education. Along the way, I’ve met some truly inspiring people that have opened my eyes to the educational inequalities that begin in childhood and persist long after formal schooling has ended. This site was created to acknowledge and address the challenges we face in teaching adults in the workplace. I’ll share tools and resources that I’ve found valuable, as well as share my opinions and experiences as I uncover new information and perspectives. As you go through this site, regardless of whether you’re the educator or the student, keep the following tenants in mind:

Learn: Take everyday as a learning experience. Commit to trying something new.

Grow: Take everyday as an opportunity for reflection. Commit to challenging yourself.

Expand: Take everyday as a teaching experience. Commit to teaching someone something new.