Sam Barrow, Coach, Educator, and Leadership Consultant

I began my career in 2004, working as a host and manager at Applebee’s. It was there that I found my passion for operational excellence. I spent 7 years in the hospitality industry before transitioning to education. Since then, I’ve worked in businesses of all sizes, in multiple industries, across all levels.

As a coach and a leader, my focus is always on the people because when you build the people, you build the business.

My approach to coaching is a blend of empathetic leadership, firm and clear expectations, and open and transparent communication. This approach enables individuals to take accountability for their success. This extends to my coaching of executives, helping them bridge the gap between them and their teams.

She not only cares about the outcomes of the business but also how to enable her colleagues and reports to do their best work. I would love the opportunity to work with Sam again in the future!

– Lisa Jiang, Cofounder, Velma

Sam truly cares about the people around her. For me, this meant that I could be myself and be honest in our weekly check-ins and I never felt judged or looked down on. Sam coached me towards better mindsets, actions, and outcomes.

– Anonymous

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